Mihan NoorMihan Noor Company is one of the Iranian leader companies in production and manufacturing different types of iron wire , wire netting , barbed wire products and so many other relevant products , and engages and acts in this industry more than twenty years and during this period , it has successfully provided so many services for the customers and purchasers. In the recent years validity, good name and reputability of our company in this industry have been remarkably developed and promoted throughout the local and international markets. Our qualified and skilled technicians and personnel represent their best efforts, endeavours and proficiencies actually and honestly for promotion and development of quality of the products and manufacturing the desirable products in the best quality for customers and purchasers. By extremely efforts and endeavours of managers, technicians, personnel and workers of our company and by applying the most development ,up to date and modern technologies of the world , our company has been successful to increase and promote level of quality and sales quantities of our products as well as increasing demands of the markets for purchasing different types of our products throughout the world. By reason of the appropriate and desirable quality , fairly suitable price of our products, the customers and purchasers eagerly intend to purchase different types of our products throughout the world.

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