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Mihan Noor is one of Iran’s leading companies in the production of metal nets – barbed wire – and… with more than 20 years of experience. Over the years, we have provided many services for the satisfaction of our customers. In recent years, our reputation and credibility in this industry has been clear.
The technical staff of Mihan Noor company have honestly spent their time and talent to raise the quality and production of high-quality products, and the unquestionable efforts of the managers, technical staff and workers by using the latest technology in the world, not only in raising the level of production and superior quality, but also The company has been successful in increasing the demand for purchasing all kinds of products.
The products of this company have always been welcomed and admired by buyers due to their reasonable price and high quality.

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Completing the steel chain from mining to the production of various stages of plain and alloy steel with an annual capacity of 2 million tons and the production of various metal powders with competitive quality in global markets, based on modern technology, as a knowledge-based company and a public company


Mihan Noor company, with several decades of activity in the field of production of all kinds of alloy sections, with the benefit of international standards and with the aim of improving production technology in the country and creating employment capacities, commits itself to the sustainable development of the environment, improving the quality of life and Compliance with the standards of the world knows.

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Organizational values

Moving towards organizational excellence and results orientation
Quantitative and qualitative improvement of products
Having motivation and eagerness to progress towards the goal
Respect for human dignity
Obtaining the satisfaction of stakeholders and customers
environment supporter
The spirit of teamwork and knowledge sharing