Application of gabion fence

Application of gabion fence

Gabion has many applications in the field of construction, architecture and landscaping. Gabions are also used in construction for structural purposes and also have decorative and beautiful applications due to their attractive appearance.

Some uses of gabion:

Road construction: in the construction of roads and highways as well as railways to strengthen and prevent the fall of stones concentrated on the roads as a retaining wall.

Water channels: In this case, gabion mats are used that have a lower height and are used for the bottom of the channel to reduce the speed of water and control erosion.

Building construction: Sometimes gabions are used as the main structure of buildings and load-bearing walls.

River engineering: as a structure to prevent corrosion such as seawalls, protection of ponds and reservoirs and lakes, as well as changing the direction of flood force in the course of rivers and directing water and floods.

Soil protection: using gabions to prevent soil erosion, protect it, strengthen the soil and embankment cover to protect the land

Building facade: Gabion is used to beautify the building facade.

Interior decoration: gabion is a suitable option for creating a decorative or separating wall in the interior spaces of houses or restaurants, etc.

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