Uses of chicken netting

Uses of chicken netting

Chicken netting Many people’s misconception is that chicken netting is only used to fence the nests of small animals or take care of plants; But this is not so! Chicken netting in the construction industry also has uses that we mention:

Can be used on the roof: the most important use of chicken netting in construction is the roof. Glass wool is used in sheds or gable roofs to create sound, heat and cold insulation; Now, for the strength of glass wool, a device is needed that is both resistant and does not suffer from corrosion; In such cases, the best option is to use a galvanized chicken net.
Plastering: Using a chicken net in plastering prevents the plaster from cracking.
Columns: The use of chicken net as a support tool due to its low weight and low price increases the resistance and strength of the column.
Bathroom ceramics
It is interesting to know that apart from the chicken net made of wire, there is another type of this product called plastic chicken net in the market, which is produced in different sizes, weights and thicknesses.

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